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Services Offered

Heavy Steel Fabrication

We undertake all kinds of heavy steel fabrication works for various industrial applications. We also undertake heavy steel repair and fabrication works. Bending of all kinds of tubes We undertake steel and aluminium tube bending for various Domestic, Industrial and Automotive Applications. We have capacity of bending tube for Sizes 1/2” – 5” Diameter up to 20 feet length.

Industrial Machine Design, Prototyping and Manufacture

We have the expertise and capacity to design, prototype and manufacture machines for various domestic and industrial applications. We have successfully manufactured Food Production Machinery, Construction Machines Workshop equipment, Metal Fabrication Machine- Shades Here at SuperFlow Exhaust Ltd, we have a product range that covers almost any shading application. Our long list of shading solutions, coupled with unique capabilities, ensures we deliver the perfect shading solutions including shade sails and structures, shade ports and car park shading, outdoor canopies, and outdoor umbrellas

Metal Treatment (Hardening/ Annealing/ Softening)

We are specialists in heat treating a wide variety of materials and applications. Whether annealing, bright annealing, normalizing, reheating , stress relieving or quench and tempering, Our custom engineered Steel Plant Furnace Systems deliver consistent quality and reliable performance for tube, bar and plate, forgings, fabrications and castings. Our highly innovative furnace systems provide the latest advancements in energy saving technology, material handling and automation, incorporating new technology to replace conventional designs and improve production flow and facility efficiencies.

Workshop Benches

We design and fabricate workshop work benches which ensure proper work area organization, neatness and ensure proper safety. Our work benches are highly recommended for Training Institutions, food production and processing industries, specialty tool rooms and general workshop use where proper organization is of essence. The work benches can be customized to provide various setups.

Ventilation Ducts

Here at SuperFlow Exhaust Ltd, we specialize in the installation, service and repair of ventilation and duct work for a range of commercial properties, from restaurants to condo buildings, warehouses, social halls and more. We help to procure ventilation ducts and fabricate them as per the customers’ needs and the building schematic design.

Cable Trunks and Trays

Lack of Cable management is not only unprofessional, but also exposes you to major health and safety risks. But through our high Cable Trays, you can get your cables in order and at a lower cost. Our Cable Trunks, made out of the best raw materials, are used to arrange, disguise and manage cables and wires, especially in a server room housing the core of computer networks and data. We ensure the cable trunks and trays are fabricated to meet our customers’ specifications.

Machine Tooling-Punch and Die

We design and manufacture various kinds of press and mould tooling as per customer specification and requirements.

Engineering Services

We provide general engineering services such as machining, specialized metal welding, fabrication, gas cutting, plasma cutting and repair works. We also offer Designing and CAD drawing services.

Sound Proofing and Thermal insulation

SuperFlow Exhaust Ltd prides itself on its commitment to high quality soundproofing, insulation and acoustical materials and workmanship. Our team efficiently and professionally delivers all jobs from start to finish. From technically challenging soundproofing techniques to cutting down the echo and reverb in a conference room or office space we have you covered for all your home or office needs.